Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bobbi Brown 25% discount!!

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MAC Sugarsweet collection available online today!

Hello Ladies!

The sugarsweet collection is available online today and there is free shipping use offer code SUGARSWEET.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Makeup Show LA

Hello Ladies! Happy Monday.
I was very busy this weekend, you know the usual stuff: cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and of course the make show! LOL
The show was awesome, this was my first makeup show ever and I sure did enjoy

I finally met Eve Pearl! Can you believe that?. She did a demo on how to achieve a flawless face and of course she shared with all of us the Eve Method! If you have not seen her in action, please go to her website http://www.evepearl.com/, Eve is a 5 time Emmy award winner and celebrity makeup artist. I will be reviewing some of her products as well, her foundation is really good and I love her eye shadow pallets. The best product she has on her line is the salmon concealer, it’s awesome.
She also mentioned at the show that she is thinking on taking her makeup line to the next level, something like Avon or Mary Kay but more on the luxurious side. Can’t wait for that!

Another highlight of the show was meeting Ms Nessasary Makeup, Vanessa Garcia, OMG she is adorable. I was so excited that I hugged her like 4 times, she is a sweetheart. Thank you so much Vanessa! You have inspired me to create this blog! Visit Vanessa at http://nessasarymakeup.blogspot.com/
I guess Crown Brushes booth was the most visited. I had to wait a lot to get my hands on those babies but it was worth it!
I picked up a few goodies that I will show you later in another post.



Eve Pearl and I :)

Vanessa and I, She is so pretty!!!

Eve Pearl in action!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Blog!!!
First of all thank you so much for stopping by, I been wanting to do a beauty and makeup blog for a long time and here I am!!!
Here you are going to be able to find reviews, looks, Q & A and my honest opinion on different kinds of makeup brands, so yes I’m here to try products that you are interested on or you may have a questions on. So please e-mail me and let me know which product you would like me to review.

Hola a todos y bienvenidos a mi blog!!!
Primeramente muchas gracias por pasar por aquí, he querido hacer un blog de belleza y maquillaje por mucho tiempo y finalmente llego el dia!!
Aquí podras encontrar consejos de belleza, maquillaje y productos de diferentes marcas con opiniones honestas de mi parte, simplemente lo que pienso de diferentes productos. Si tienes preguntas acerca de cualquier producto solo mandame un correo y tratare de responderte y ayudarte con tu inquietud.
Asi que preparense para lo que se viene!!!